Friday, December 31, 2010

Another new painting

I love this one..."Opportunity Knocks"...Knock on the old wood water stained door, turn the wobbly knob and the door shall be open. When I saw this door knob, the age, the textures, the water-droplets... I wanted to try and recreate it with paint.
And the idea of opportunity knocking is fortuitous at this time in my art career, lots of great things are happening for me.
I originally painted this door handle with the idea that there would be a second painting of the key to open the door. However, while painting "Opportunity Knocks" I realize that the painting itself may lead viewers to the understanding that they are the key.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vancouver Federation of Canadian Artists

I wasn't expecting such a quick response but I recently got word that I have been juried into the Vancouver Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. This is the next step in getting my work recognized by my peers and hopefully by a wider audience.
This certification allows me to enter into several new shows each year, and I can start working on my signature status with the FCA.
I am very proud of this recent accomplishment. Not sure why I didn't do it sooner. Thanks to everyone who supported me through this process.

Teaching at Monterey Centre in Oak Bay

Beginning January 10, 2011 I will be teaching several classes and workshops at the Monterey Centre in Oak Bay.
Beginning Watercolours Jan10-Feb 28
Painting the wet Coast Jan 13-Mar3
Under the Sea March 17-April 7th
Watercolour Skies may 5- June 23
Beginning Portraits May 9-June 27
Painting your Pet July 4-8
Beaches and Driftwood August 15-19

Monday, December 27, 2010

Iris Delight

I was at a Christmas party a few weeks ago, and I met Chris. Chris is coordinating the artists that will attend the International Iris Convention that will be held here in Victoria in the spring.
Chris asked me if I was interested in submitting some art for evaluation to be able to display and sell my art at the convention.
So this painting was my inspiration to get into the Iris show. I hope you like it and i hope Chris likes it too...I have two others on the go in watercolour. I will put them up as soon as they are finished.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shipwrecked on the Fraser

This painting was inspired when I saw an image of this vessel on a friends facebook page. While visiting the area I was able to visit the site on the banks of the Fraser River where this vessel sits neglected. The sun was shining across the bow and with the reflection in the water and the mist in the background...I couldn't resist...I had to paint it...Hope you like it.

Ocean Wilderness Beach BC Landscape

I painted this during a class I was invited to sit in on with Leslie Redhead. The class painted this landscape as well...unfortunately I had to leave before they were completed so I was unable to get images of their finished paintings...but here is my interpretation. Hope you enjoy it.