Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pouring an Undersea Garden in Watercolour

This month at the Monterey Centre the class is working on pouring the background of their painting and using negative painting techniques to find invertebrates that live in the intertidal zone or on the ocean floor to create an undersea garden.

Each student is using one of three images as our focus: a sea turtle, an anemone, or a crab. I have included a finished piece of the crab. See if you can find and name some of the sea creatures I was able to find.

This is a challenging class as many find it difficult to create the negative rather than the positive shapes in a painting.

The objective, have fun with it!

Next series is in May, painting "Watercolour Skies", and "Portraits for Beginners" registration begins April 1st"

Back from Paul Jackson workshop

What a week in Seattle and Kirkland; the week went by so fast and was filled with learning, networking and painting, not to mention a "bit" of shopping and great restaurants.

My objective was to learn the ins and outs of painting glass so I could pass on what I learned to all of you, and I think I have accomplished that and more.

"Glassworks in Watercolour" will be one of the six fall courses I teach at the Monterey Centre.
Many thanks to the North West Watercolor Society (NWWS) and Paul and Marla Jackson for their time.

I hope you will take some time this fall to learn something new. Check out the courses at