Thursday, July 15, 2010

Working at the Lake

I arrived on Monday evening. Once on the road I started to relax...I knew I was only another hour or so to paradise. I began work on Tuesday, and worked most of that day and into the morning of the next to complete Annas' Perch. A painting of an Annas hummingbird that is entered into the Coast Collective: Critters and Creatures Show coming up in a few weeks. The second painting I entered is Symbol of Peace II. The original Symbol of Peace was so popular I decided to paint another one for this show.


  1. Which lake? The emotion you described reminded me so much of the trip into Village Bay LAke on Quadra when we used to live in British Columbia. Next time I am back in Canada that's where my wife and I are going to paint!

    Bruce T.

  2. Hi Bruce,
    thanks for commenting...It is Mesachie lake, just west of Cowichan Lake, on Vancouver Island.
    Get in touch next time you are in BC.