Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting accepted into the Sidney Fine Arts Show...How does it feel?

How does it feel to have "experts" select your work from among 1200+ pieces...of so many talented artists... to be exhibited in... in my opinion.. one of the most prominent shows in British Columbia? Well it happened to me...yes me...uh huh...little ol' I feel I can tell you. 

For some weeks I wait and wonder.  When the day comes and the envelope arrives I am scared to open it.   After opening it I am afraid to read it.   When I first read  the words "...accepted. Congratulations!"  it takes a minute for it to sink in...after all I had expected the worst.  Don't get me wrong I felt my piece was strong, and I and others liked it.  And, I entered thinking I might get in...but I was fully prepared to hear that my work wasn't ready yet".  I stared at the page a bit... dumbfounded at first..."really they chose my piece?" I simply couldn't believe it.  

Then something happened...a grin came over me, like that of the Cheshire cat in Alice and Wonderland...and it just wouldn't go away.  I jumped, and I hollared and if the neighbours had heard they'd have thought i had won jackpot on the 6/49 lottery or something similar.  For those initial moments were sublime.

A few hours later...of course my day went on as normal and the moment faded as the day to day routine set in and things need to get done.  But, every once in a while I recall that moment...and my heart sings again.  

So, what do you think the secret is to getting into such a show?  I'm asking...cause goodness knows... I sure don't ... What I can tell you is over the past few years I paint for long hours in the day and for days at a time...and a very wise and very talented woman recently told me that even she still tears up 1 in every 4 paintings.  So, I do not get discouraged if I paint something that is not wonderful.  The key the way I figure it is to just keep painting...if it is your passion, as it is not stop.  Something will happen and you will be pleasantly surprised.  

The topper in all of this is that the piece sold...and I am so grateful.   I hope the purchaser will enjoy it and pass it down for centuries to come...and  the cycle of elation returns...

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  1. Congratulations Sam!! You deserved to get into the show and having someone buy your piece is the greatest compliment of all! It is only the beginning. . .