Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sweet Magnolia

My newest paintings are a snow scene, and 2 florals...

the snow scene shown to the left, was quick and easy and really fun to paint.  It was loose and I used only 3 colours.  Blue, Rose and Pthalo or some combination of the three. Salt was used to create the texture in the foreground.

Rememberence 13 x 19
The next one was the completion of the demonstration piece that the Monterey class is finishing as homework as we speak...or at least they should be...(that's me cracking the whip lol)
This was a fun piece, that I experimented with a few times at home using different techniques.  I ran a few ideas past my mentor Leslie Redhead and she suggested completing the whole painting wet-in wet.  Well, that was a bit scary for the class, so we did the first two layers wet on dry and the last 2 layers wet-in-wet.  We again used a limited pallet, and the results well you tell me...What do you think?

Sweet Magnolia 11 x 15
lastly, is "Sweet Magnolia"  I thoughly enjoyed this process.  I took several images at Butchart gardens last spring, and the magnolia tree that this picture was taken from was huge...I think they call it a Plate Magnolia.  Regardless, it had to be painted. So when the Monterey Class said they wanted to paint a white flower...I immediately thought of these images.  Again a very limited pallet, and ...Voila..."Sweet magnolia"
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  1. Beauties, Sam! I am not a fan of snow and winter, but your snow scene is lovely. And the magnolia is absolutely striking!

  2. thank you K, Very kind of you to comment so favourably.

  3. thank you K, Very kind of you to comment so favourably.