Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bouncing Chartreuse?

I finally finished a piece I started back in November...(having been inspired way back then by Paul Jackson's workshop to paint glass) Fortunately for me my husband and I collect it wasn't difficult to come up with a series of images from which to choose.  This one stood out for me, mainly because of the warm light that is filtering through the water glass at the back, and the reflected chartreuse light that is bouncing around the piece...

Is there enough contrast in the piece to create that wow factor or are there just too many midtones.
I am thinking about cropping the piece to set the focal point more on the division of thirds... one of the conventions for a good composition.

Having cropped it... now I'm thinking that curve of dark value on the left is important to the flow and how the viewer moves through the piece. It also creates more room behind the focal point and gives the piece more dimension...Dilemmas...I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow when I can look at it with fresh eyes. I'm leaning toward the original.

 The only other thing is to name it...I'm thinking "Perfume DulcĂ©"; or "Bouncing Chartreuse."


  1. It's gorgeous, Sam! What an ambitious painting!
    I agree - the crop does give it a better balance.
    DON'T rush any changes - it is so beautiful.

    1. Thanks K, I decided not to crop it...and thanks for your are too kind. Sam

      I really appreciate you adding comments.
      keep your brush wet!