Sunday, September 22, 2013

Painting the Harvest Green Stage 1

We are actually beginning the process part way through because I forgot to take pictures...
Here are the steps leading up to the following image:
Step 1 Draw or transfer your image to the watercolour paper Arches 140 lb or 300 lb 100% cotton rag.
Step 2 Masque out the whitest whites.  Dry
Step 3 Using a cool transparent yellow,  very pale,  wash over the entire piece (except in the areas that are blue/grey in the image, in these areas use raw sienna, very pale); dry.
Step 4 masque out the next palest value. Dry
Step 5 Another wash, this time drop in some warm yellow in the leaf, the glass, and the top of the bottle. Dry
Step 6. Paint the grapes individually wet in wet using pthalo green and cool yellow to make that chartreuse green hue.  Then drop in a bit of Ultramarine blue and the green randomly into the shadow areas on each grape.
Step 7 Paint the cork and glass around the cork with raw sienna, and Opera pink. Dry
Step 8 Using the reference photo, note where the values need to change. Using Pthalo, Alizron and a mixture of the two to make a rich dark,  lay down the hues next to each other and let them mingle wet into wet; do not overwork the areas, drop in the pigment and soften the outside edges. 
Step 9 clean up edges where needed before you move on to the next Stages.
Stay tuned.

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