Friday, March 7, 2014

Hard to keep up...phew

So much going on these days hard to keep up with all the new technology.  So sorry I've not posted anything in a while.  I hope you are all still painting and practicing your skills and techniques.

I want to share with you some of the things I've been up to recently. 
You all saw the piece "Aqua Vit"  it has brought me a lot of recognition and success.  I entered it into a few shows recently and it has gotten into all but one.  I guess it was saved for bigger and better things.

Watercolour painting by Sam l Boehner
"Aqua Vit"

"Aqua Vit" has been in a show at the FCA Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC; and has just been selected for the 74th Annual NWWS International Open Exhibition in Seattle Washington.

My next piece "Prepping for Dinner" I made a bit more challenging yet again.  I wanted to make the background soft and blurred.  While the midground, i.e the area with the glass, I wanted it a bit more focused and yet a bit abstracted as well.  You really have to focus to see the layers of glass.  The peppers and other objects in the foreground are bright and clear.  The composition leads your eye back and forth through the glass to the background and back again. 

Watercolour painting "Prepping for Dinner" by Sam l Boehner
"Prepping for Dinner"

I was hoping to have this piece here for the upcoming FCA Spring show in Victoria, but it is being adjudicated in Vancouver for another exhibit.

On to the next piece...I'm hoping to have it completed for the Spring Show...we will see?
Keep your brush wet! 

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