Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tea & Tears

It has been a few months since I've posted I'm back on the band wagon...getting things updated on-line. 

Last fall, I was accepted into the 2014 Sidney Fine Art Show with 2 of my pieces.  The first was a piece that had been exhibited in Vancouver, and Seattle in 2014.  This piece I called "Aqua Vit".
Watercolour painting Aqua Vit by Sam L Boehner
"Aqua Vit"
The second was a piece I called "Tea & Tears" inspired by a note from my Mom. I have included an image of me next to the piece at the 2014 show.

Sam L Boehner with "Tea & Tears"
Acceptance into this show is an honour for me.  There are so many acclaimed artists with credentials as long as your arm accepted into this show. So to be among them is indeed an honour.  To top this off, I was the recipient of an "Honourable Mention". 

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