Monday, May 9, 2011

Completed painting from Paul Jackson's Portrait Workshop

A painting of my niece Natasha, just completed from a workshop I attended a few weeks ago in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Paul Jackson AWS, NWS; the instructor, approaches portraits slightly differently than I do, with more hard edges softened with "unifying" washes. He uses a different palette, with more opaque colours thinly applied to keep them transparent. I learned a lot of different techniques and had so much fun.
One of the techniques was to use a spoon to apply frisket for the strands of hair over the face. This worked well in this piece, and I can see using it in the future.
Scooping a small amount of frisket into the spoon and angling the spoon to about a 35-45 angle touching it to the paper and letting the frisket glide off the edge.
The four day workshop ended with many of the 14 students completing their pieces. I had a few things to work on, and finally completed the piece this last week.
During my stay at Rarity Bay, I had so much fun, hospitality was unsurpassed, and I met some amazing artists.

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