Friday, May 13, 2011

Watercolour Skies class II

This painting was completed starting with a light wash of a transparent yellow in areas where only the yellow is apparent; while the paint is still wet I added cobalt blue. Once completely dry I added more blue and some purple (cobalt & alizron or permanent rose). The horizon was left unpainted for the time being and the water had a similar approach to the sky for the first wash. The land was painted by stippling some burnt sienna over the blue background so it appears as though you can see the mountains in the background. The outcropping in the background on the right was done with varying colours to make quite a dark colour.

The horizon was a mixture of blues, cobalt and pthalo (only a touch of pthalo with water added to create the consistency of black coffee). The water was dry-brushed with purple, blue and a bit of pthalo. The rocks were done after the water was dry, they were painted wet-in-wet with Ultramarine Blue, burnt sienna, green (auriolin and ultramarine blue) Ensure you include the refection and the shadow. The shadow ensures the rocks will be grounded.
The tree on the right was painted with a #6 round brush with a very good pointy tip and a very light touch to create the twigs of the sapling. and finally the grassy-nole on the right was wet in wet with new gamboge mixed with burnt sienna, and then purple and blue dappled in lightly. be sure to vary the colour, size and spacing of the rocks in the background.
I think that should do it…if you have any questions please bring them to class next day or email me at sam

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