Monday, October 1, 2012

FCA Annual Fall Show at Morris Gallery

This is the second year we've had the Annual Fall Show at the Morris Gallery.

"Victoria’s largest Art Gallery celebrating its 11th year, with space equivalent to five or six downtown galleries, where you will find multiple works by local artists always on display.  Morris Gallery is only five minutes from downtown by car and a pleasant 25 minute stroll along the Galloping Goose Trail." *

The Victoria Chapter of the  Federation of Canadian Artists boasts many professional artists with names like Dorothy Oxborough; Catherine Moffat; David Goatley; Anne Hudec, Clement Kwan,  Marney Ward; and many other notable and accomplished Artists.  

And then there is little ol' me.  I submitted two pieces in hopes of getting at least one in, and both pieces were accepted.  Having my work hang with the caliber of artists in this show is indeed an honour and very humbling.

This Year the show will run from Oct 2nd to Oct 27th; and Opening night will be October 4th.  A fun event, the artists are there to discuss their individual works and the food and wine flows.  I hope you will join us.

The works I've entered are entitled "His Majesty" and "Resting Place".   These images may not reflect the full quality of the piece as they were taken through the glass after framing...I know..I know...I've got to remember to take the photo before the piece is framed.
His Majesty
Resting Place
 * from the Morris gallery website.

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  1. Sam, His Majesty does indeed look most regal. And you dragonfly is superb. Very impressive work, both of them!!!