Sunday, October 14, 2012

Painting Glass & Reflections at Monterey centre Part 2

In two weeks since the last post, we have added many thin layers of colour.   
Each layer creates a painting that glows; the first layers of transparent colour glowing through the layers on top.  In some cases we masked the lighter values to ensure they are reserved.  This method ensures we retain the lighter values and with each layer create darker values in areas where the darker values are needed. 
 In the next phase, and prior to adding the next layer, I removed some of the mask in the reflection, and added another layer of colour in most areas.   

During this process it is important to use your reference to determine value, hue, and edges either hard or soft. Also important is to use the right size brush for the area you are painting.  We discussed this in the earlier classes.  It is one of the keys to a fine wash. In many cases we mixed colour on the paper...remember to get in and get over stroking.

What a fun piece to paint.  I want you have fun with may seem daunting, but remember breaking it down into smaller sections and painting one section at a time will get you to the end without feeling too overwhelmed.

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