Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 2 and 3 of Florals: A bugs Perspective; painting a calla lily

Bouquet                           On a recent excursion to
Seattle with Leslie Redhead I took this image at Pike Place Market.  I loved the back light effect and the glow it created within the Calla Lilies.  I cropped the image and photo-shopped it so we were dealing with colours other than grey.  

We sketched out the image on 140 lb cold press paper and masked out the whitest whites to preserve them in case we get carried away with the paint.  We begin adding a warm yellow to the areas where you see a warm glow, and also on the areas that will be background and stems. Once it dries, add another layer of colour finding the areas that are a bit reddish to the petals and in the bowl of the lily adding a warm red, we used scarlet lake.

Using a large brush, we began adding mauve, a mixture of Opera Pink and Cobalt Blue to those areas that appear that way in the image.  Remember to soften those edges  with clear water that appear soft in the reference. I added a touch of dark value to get a feeling for the range of values we would be dealing with..(mixing a rich green)... I just couldn't resist.

We added wet-in-wet warm yellow and a warm red to the stamen.  As well, a first coat of green to the stem areas. 

More to come for next weeks class.  Stay tuned.

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