Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 2 of Waves for the students at Monterey Centre

We are painting a wave, this is a traditional wave form.  We will be painting it in layers.  Trying to keep the transparency of the light coming through.  In completing this painting you will learn, about shapes, and value. We will also experiment a bit with texture.

We started by sketching our image onto 140 lb cold press Arches paper.  Using a bit of frisket or masking fluid to keep some of the areas of froth white. That was done by the end of Day 1.

Our first layer will be on the ocean, that is the expanse of sea behind the wave.  We used a "knat's whisker" of pthalo blue. and using dry brush technique painted the upper portion of the painting very quickly, leaving some bits of white in the process.

The same process was done in the foreground for the lava rock and seaweed the first coat being raw sienna.

Next we added some Ultra marine over the Pthlao on the area behind the wave.  The mixture was a bit darker and again we used the dry brush technique.

 Next we gave a first coat to the wave. Again using pthalo, and a cool transparent yellow to make an aqua colour, lots of water was added to maintain transparency.  The solution should be like clear tea. 

Turning the painting over, we added more pigment from the edge of the froth and moving our brush in the same direction as the wave we put in the next value.  The important part here is to keep the direction consistent throughout the wave. 
 This is the image at the end of Day 2.  Stay tuned for more of the Wave.  

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