Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 3 Waves

A few more steps...we are getting close now to the finished wave.  The next thing I did was to draw in the bird, and because I had already painted the water, I needed to scrub out the blue...how? you ask...
I created a template.  Using regular ol' packing tape...I took a piece off the roll...laid it on the back of my hand to remove a bit of the tack, then put it over the drawing of the bird. 
With a very sharp (new blade) ex-acto knife, I very carefully cut out the tape around the outline of the bird.  *Tip*: be careful not to cut your paper.

Once the outline of the bird was cut out, I carefully lifted out the tape. Wha-laa...instant template... I then used Mr Clean Magic Eraser (the original brand, no other) to clean off the paint. We will paint the bird later...

The next thing I did was put in some darker values in the shadow areas. in the area behind the wave and under the wave.

Next, use raw sienna, burnt sienna, and a seaweed green mixture (pthalo blue green shade, and your cool yellow), and using your reference as a guide lay the colours into the rocky area in the foreground.  Then when there is still a sheen to the paint, add a bit of salt to create texture.  I also added some french ultra marine blue to the rocks to create the darker shadow areas.  Ensure your waterline at the bottom of the wave is not straight across. 

Now it is time to put the finishing touches and paint the bird.  Remove all the masking fluid using your thumb, or a rubber cement eraser.  Stay tuned for the finishing touches.

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